Home Buying

Home Buying
If you have ever been through the process of buying a home, you know that it requires many steps and a lot of persistence. If this is going to be your first home buying experience, you will want to be sure to hire or “employ” a knowledgeable Realtor to negotiate on your behalf. At Virginia Beach Estates, you benefit when you buy a home with us. Sign up for an account today and begin searching properties for sale with Virginia Beach Estates.

Home Buying

Home Buying Process The home buying process can seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home! [Full Article]

Getting Pre-Approved Pre-approval allows you the ability to distinguish how much home you can actually afford and should be considered the beginning of the home buying transaction. [Full Article]

What is the MLS The Multiple Listing Service is a system that places all homes for sale (listed through Realtors or real estate agents) into a database, which can be searched by licensed real estate agents/Realtors. [Full Article]

Realtor/Agent Commissions Our commission? Who pays us? How much money do we make? When we give advice to and represent the buyer in a real estate transaction, we will typically earn a commission for our knowledge and ability to close the deal. [Full Article]

Making a Counter Offer What is a counter offer? After we have determined which home appeals to you the most, we will make an offer to purchase on that home. [Full Article]

Ordring the Appraisal An appraisal is a written estimate of a property’s market value completed by an appraiser. [Full Article]

Homeowners Insurance Why do I need homeowners insurance? How much does this cost annually? Homeowners insurance is not only required by your lender, but it provides protection and security for one of the biggest assets you own. [Full Article]

Home Warranty When you are in the process of hunting for a home, you should take into consideration the benefits of obtaining or receiving a home warranty. [Full Article]

Title Companies & Lawyers Choosing a title company or attorney to close or settle on your home is a choice that you will eventually have to make, roughly a couple days after the contract becomes ratified. [Full Article]

Closing Costs Home buyer closing costs can vary widely depending on what type of lender is used, the day of the month closing occurs, how much the seller is willing to credit or assist you, and many other variables that will all affect your home buyer closing costs. [Full Article]

Closing You’ll be required to sign many papers and pay your closing costs at the meeting in order to take possession of your new home. [Full Article]

HUD-1 Statement We just wanted to provide you with an example settlement statement to better familiarize you and prepare you for closing day. [Full Article]