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Real Estate Title Companies & Lawyers

Choosing a title company or attorney to close or settle on your home is a choice that you will eventually have to make, roughly a couple days after the contract becomes ratified. There is a big difference between these two choices. Choosing an attorney to close the deal for you means that you will be receiving legal representation and advice. When you use a title company, they are generally cheaper; however they do the same exact job and have the same exact outcomes that the closing attorney will have. Title companies save you money and time, but they do not offer legal advice or legal protection for future problems.

We do understand that people have pre-determined relationships with a past attorney or title company and have no problems entertaining and following through with whatever your final choice may be. Below, you can view a brief list of Real Estate Title Companies:

Shaffer Title and Escrow, Inc.
LYNNHAVEN – Virginia Beach
780 Lynnhaven Parkway Suite 130
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-468-5000 Phone
757-468-5646 Fax

Allegiance Title & Escrow, Inc.
HOLLAND- Virginia Beach
4480 Holland Office Park Suite 220
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-473-3022 Phone
757-473-9210 Fax

Virginia Settlement Group, L.C.
HILTOP/LASKIN- Virginia Beach
1333 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
757-422-4747 Phone
757-422-8994 Fax