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If you are thinking about listing your home in the Hampton Roads region with a real estate agent/Realtor, please allow us the opportunity to explain why it will benefit you to list your home with Virginia Beach Estates. We would love the chance to set up an appointment with you to talk about your future plans and get your home the exposure it deserves. If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, we can send you a comparative market analysis, which will estimate the value of your home in today’s real estate market. We look forward to hearing from you!

Trying to put a price tag on your home can be a very complicated process. You must always take into consideration the real estate market conditions, recently sold and closed homes, other homes similar to yours on the market, and many features your home may have that others do not. With all of these and other factors taken into consideration, you can establish an estimated value for your home. A comparative market analysis allows you to view a detailed report of all of these requirements that are needed to properly value your home.

Your Home’s Value

Where can you get a Comparative Market Analysis?

We can either email or mail a CMA to you free of charge. We have access to all the homes that have recently sold in the entire Hampton Roads region and know the local market conditions extremely well. If you would like some homes emailed to you that are currently listed for sale in your neighborhood, you may call us directly at (757) 630-4547. Your home needs as much traffic as it can get in today’s market. Make sure you go with a Realtor that can handle the situation successfully.