Although the mortgage process has changed over the last few years, the basics still apply. If you haven’t locked in on a rate or selected a loan officer, take a minute to view this mortgage information. If you would rather dive right into the numbers, check out the real estate calculators to the left. As you consider a lender for your mortgage, keep in mind that we work with lenders from all walks of life and can put you in contact with one that meets your real estate needs.


Selecting a Mortgage How can you determine the best type of loan or mortgage product for you? If you have never been through the mortgage process before, don’t worry, we can help you decide. [Full Article]

First Time Home Buyer Many times, first time home buyers are limited when it comes to cash for down payments and are still looking to establish a solid credit history. With these and other first time home buyer hurdles in mind, what mortgage alternatives… [Full Article]

The Mortgage Process When you purchase a home, there are many moving pieces that need to be completed and organized. Some of these milestones are related to the home you are purchasing and some of them are related to the mortgage process. What is expected throughout the transaction? [Full Article]

Fixed-Rate Mortgages If planning to stay in your home for an extended period of time, a fixed-rate mortgage is probably a wise decision. A fixed-rate mortgage is a good standard to compare other mortgage products. [Full Article]

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages An ARM is short for Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The adjustable rate mortgage has received a bad rep over the past few years as it has caused many home owners to foreclose. [Full Article]

More Mortgages There are many loan programs and mortgage products to choose from. However, if unable to meet the specific underwriting requirements for traditional mortgage programs, there could still be a few solutions available. [Full Article]

Amortization What happens when you make a payment on your mortgage? When a mortgage is made over a specified term, 30 years in this case/example, monthly mortgage payments… [Full Article]

Preparing for Closing The mortgage process can seem very complicated. However, your loan officer, lender, mortgage professional, etc., should be able to hold your hand throughout the entire mortgage process. [Full Article]

Closing Checklist From the purchase contract to the mortgage application, being well organized is a great recipe for a smooth, on time move. Every situation has different needs and not any one situation is always the same. [Full Article]

The Closing You made it. Now, be prepared to sign numerous documents. On the one hand, closing on a home can be very intimidating, however at the actual closing table, it should be fun. People that have helped with your transaction will be there. [Full Article]

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