Harbor Point & Rudee Heights

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February 10, 2018
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July 26, 2017
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Surrounded by Rudee Inlet, Lake Rudee, and Lake Wesley, Rudee Heights and the neighborhood of Harbor Point (a waterfront condominium development located on Rudee Inlet) capture the Rudee Inlet atmosphere. While General Booth Blvd. separates the neighborhood of Rudee Heights, the area is still able to provide a sense of seclusion and although it’s a smaller subdivision, Rudee Heights steals the show for Rudee Inlet waterfront property views. Most of the homes available at Rudee Heights were built in the mid 1900’s, but due to the popularity of the location and Rudde Inlet, many homes have been built in the 90’s, with newer homes built throughout the subdivision. Prices can range from the low 300’s all the way to the million dollar mark and slightly above, depending on waterfront location and views.