Little Neck
February 10, 2018
February 10, 2018
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Linkhorn, Linkhorn Cove, Linkhorn Estates, Linlier, and Quail Point Cove are located to the south of the Alanton subdivision, between First Colonial Road, Laskin Road, and directly across from the Birdneck Point subdivision. The neighborhood of Linkhorn/Linlier sits on Linkhorn Bay, making parts of the subdivision very desirable when considering waterfront homes in Virginia Beach. While driving down Quail Point Road (Quail Point Cove) and traveling towards Linkhorn Bay, homes quickly increase in price and can exceed the 1.5 million dollar price range, especially if purchasing waterfront homes in Linlier. However, closer to First Colonial Road and the front or entrance to this area of Virginia Beach, homes can be found in the upper 200’s to the lower 400’s. The neighborhood and subdivision of Linkhorn Estates & Linlier offers very luxurious homes with private waterfront settings and deep water access.