Little Neck

North End
February 12, 2018
February 10, 2018
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Little Neck rests in the north central part of Virginia Beach and is located to the North of the Kings Grant neighborhood, where the neighborhoods of Little Neck Cove, Little Haven, Lynnwood, Lynndale Estates, Middle Plantation, Redwood Farms, and Sea Breeze Farms peacefully reside. The Little Neck area of Virginia Beach is unmatched when it comes to serenity, seclusion, maturity, luxury, waterfront, landscaping, and lifestyle. Well wooded with trees, small hills, and large lots, the community of Little Neck is all by itself in Virginia Beach. In total, there are well over 800 homes that populate the carved body of land, which shapes the Lynnhaven Bay and its fingers and coves. Little Neck homes for sale range in price from the high 300’s to the multi-million dollar range. It’s on the perimeter of this land that waterfront homes in Virginia Beach are most luxurious.